"Break Radio Silence"

CEO/CISO, Gus Cervantes


8 AM - 8 PM

Our success comes from understanding how well our clients are growing their marketing results from their lead generation strategies and helping them to become more effective.

To build a successful marketing campaign is delivering the right message to the right buyer persona at the right time, using the right channel and providing value at every step of the journey to help keep them engaged.

The people behind the company

Richard Fallah


MarTech evangelist, advocate of empathy and self awareness, lover of all things consciousness

Elsa-Hadba Batour

Mission's Operation Manager

Mother of dragons, poetry beast, sushi evangelist, dark dreamer and breaker of chains.

Brooks Van Norman

Success Manager

Direct response marketing evangelist, animal welfare advocate, outdoor enthusiast.

Imad Rajab


Technology freak. Internet nut. Gamer addict. Married to the job. Wants to make a difference.

Michelle Mata

Partnership Coordinator

Make-up enthusiast, goal digger, bookworm, movie geek, food expert.

Georges Fallah

Marketing Manager

King of hearts, fond of pasta, optimism infected and travel obsessed.

Mahmoud IIyan

VP of Product & Design

Walid Ajaj

Senior Software Developer

Proud dad, magical, talented photographer, ninja solver, quieter than silence, Kaizen master.

Ryan Bogaardt

Success Manager

Senior sales and marketing professional who enjoys living a balanced life.

Bugz Masri

Team Leader

Team maestro, music-a-holic, challenge seeker, social enthusiast, bugs invader, web spider.

Johnny Moubayed

QA Manager


problem solver,

requires beer, and WILL travel.

Mood Rajab

Technical Support Engineer

Problem solver, total movies expert, web lover, gamer, award winning wine expert.

Abdallah Baddour

Senior Backend Developer

AI obsessed, IoT geek, philomath, astrophile, retrophile, shopaholic, midnight overthinker expert.

Aref Yamak

Customer Support Manager


Nicole Abdallah

Technical Support Engineer

Problem-solver, social media buff, sports freak, optimist, professional chocolate nerd.

Ahmed Fawaz

Technical Support Engineer

Jacinthe Frangieh

Customer experience manager

Ayooluwa Oyewo

Front End Engineer

11405 W Bernardo Ct

San Diego, CA 92127

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